On my recent trip to Sephora, I discovered their new lipstick line #Lipstories. I purchased a total of 5 different lipsticks, one from each of the three finishes (cream, matte, metallic) to get a general feel for the product line.

After wearing them the past two weeks, I have found my latest obsession! I have to admit that I’ve never tried any of the other Sephora Collections lipstick lines but this formula for the #Lipstories line is impeccable. The finishes are flawless and the pigments are spot on. They retail at only $8 and have 40 fun colors for every occasion from bold workplace statements to globetrotting.


For the cream formula, I purchased the colors 10 Yum Yum and 32 Berry-Licious. Yum Yum is like a terra cotta brown and for me it’s a perfect nude color that I can wear every day for work. Berry-Licious is a gorgeous dark berry, purple that gives me a nice pop of color. I honestly didn’t need a liner for either color, but I did pair one with Yum Yum just to bring some more definition to my lips. Overall, I found the formula to be SUPER hydrating and the wear to be pretty long lasting. Both colors lasted after my morning cup of coffee.




I currently have a huge obsession with metallic lip colors so I tried really hard to contain myself in Sephora and only picked two: 51 Festival Lights and 46 Ice Breaker.

To be honest, I think I picked some challenging colors to wear alone but they are both so stunning in person. I ended up getting them anyway because they inspired me to create fun ombré lip looks.

Festival Lights is a really close match to my skin so I’ve paired it with my Nars Lonely Heart liner or or Fenty’s Mattemoiselle in PMS. It helps darken the color and gives my lips just the right amount of sparkle.


I”m not sure what possessed me to pick up Ice Breaker but it is an amazing color and I have nothing else like it in my current collection. I have not worn it out yet but when I did wear it around the house and I fell in love with this purple-blue glittery lipstick. I will note that removing this particular color was much more challenging than Festival Lights. I had glitter all over my lips and did have to use a makeup cleanser to get all of it off. Otherwise, still a nice hydrating formula with the metallic colors.


Last but not least, the matte color I purchased was 45 City Beat, a dark blue almost black color. Again, I don’t know what drew me to it, but once I saw Ice Breaker, I knew these two could make an amazing combination some day.

45 City Beat

I wore this color on a random, no makeup errand day just to get a feel for it. I did pair this color with Kat Von D’s Everlasting Lip Liner in Poe, a navy blue, for a sharper look. The matte formula was comfortable to wear but this particular color did take quite a bit of layering to get the final look.

I was honestly very impressed with the Sephora #Lipstories collection. The lipsticks are a great price, have great pigmentation and to lure you in even further, each color comes with a fun little story and scenario to wear them.


Sold! I will be picking up a few more on my next trip.


Chanee L.

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