Dior Backstage Foundation

Hello again!

So my drugstore makeup routine did not last long at all. I found some keepers but I have a hunger for the finer things in life when it comes to foundations. Sue me 🤷🏽‍♀️

A few weeks ago, I was re-ordering staples from Sephora and I was offered a trial sample of the new Dior Backstage Foundation. I also have a weakness for free products so I ordered it.

First Impression

Sephora did a pretty good job recommending a shade. I went with the middle option 6N (Neutral) versus 7N and 5N. I fully expected it to be a one time use deal, but it was honestly HUGE for a sample.

Dior’s website recommended that you apply this foundation with a brush. When pouring the product I could see why as it was runny and not at all what I was expecting. Being as I’m pretty committed to my beautyblender, I gave it a shot anyway.

I loved the application right off the bat. It was easy to blend, the coverage was good but I noticed it took a good minute to dry down. Once it did dry, the finish was gorgeous. It felt so lightweight and natural looking! I added a generous amount to test the coverage and I would say it’s a solid medium but you can build it to full or tone it down for a light coverage. My blemishes and dark marks were covered but I didn’t feel like I had anything on.


Seeing as how I ordered it and went into this foundation completely blind, I decided to go back and find out what exactly this product was supposed to do.

The Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation is a performance product designed to take you from the runway to the streets. While it doesn’t make long wear or long lasting claims, this foundation is said to be waterproof and resistant to the elements.

Sample versus full size

I didn’t test whether it was waterproof but it definitely held up to a long day of work and errands. It’s actually been perfect on my skin in these hot summer months. The foundation leaves my skin with a nice natural glow and not an unflattering oil slick look. I do have to blot a few 4-6 hours into my day, but that’s pretty typical for me with any foundation.

One of the last claims that I found interesting is the photo-ready finish. I’m not quite on the IG model status so it’s nothing something I would think about or look for in a product, BUT, my selfie game has been incredible 💪🏾 I can definitely see the difference in this Dior foundation versus some other foundations in photos.

First application of Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation
Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation after a long day walking around the National Mall

Purchase or Pass?

This is definitely a purchase! I bought the full size 1.6 fl oz foundation in 6W for about $40. I realized I developed more of a tan than I thought so I went warmer with the full size to get me through summer. With that being said the selection was solid. The face and body foundation comes in 40 shades with various undertones and “intensities”, whatever that means.

My one original criticism was the small nozzle tip on the full size squeeze bottle. After thinking about it, it makes sense. You need someway to control how much product you use since you don’t get much for your money compared to other brands. This is Dior after all. Need someway to make it stretch.

Now my only decision is to decide whether or not to buy a winter shade in the coming months or try something new!☺️



Chaneé L. ❤️

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