Review: It’s a Princess Thing

I am one of the BIGGEST Disney princess fans there is! I could not wait to get my hands on this palette. When I did it was heavenly…for a time.


ColourPop for me does a great job with packaging, especially for its price point. When I opened the box, all I could do was stare. I loved the runway sketches of Belle, Jasmine and Ariel. It made me feel slightly more grown up to be swooning over cartoon characters that looked like runway models. I came back down to earth and proceeded to lift the cover to reveal these gorgeous colors! The icing on the cake is the color names. They are just PERFECT. If Beast and Abu were colors instead of animals, they nailed it. My personal favorite is Thingamabob. Can you tell I’m a Little Mermaid fan?


The Colors 

My initial response to the palette was the shimmer to matte ratio. There are three mattes and I instantly thought they were too light for my dark skin, but the remaining 12 are beautiful shimmery shades. The palette also leans heavily towards the warm side with the gold glitter specs in most of the shimmery shades. I personally don’t mind it, but I cant help to feel that something is missing. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

When I went to swatch the colors, they’re all soft and buttery, even the glitter ones which is typical for ColourPop. The first few colors I swatched barely showed up on me so I grabbed a primer. Once I had the base the true colors came through and I felt a wave of relief.


Top and bottom left: Abu, Midnight Curfew and Thingamabob. Middle left: Triton and Beast. Right: Triton and Poison Apple.


Final Thoughts

Overall, I was so excited to have this palette and after a few weeks of wearing it my excitement died. As much as I like to look at the shadows and package itself, I’m not crazy about wearing them. There are some solid every day colors (Triton) and colors that can be used for a dressy occasion (One Kiss), but it doesn’t excite me the way some other palettes do. It honestly makes me a little hesitant to buy the Karrueche X ColourPop collaboration Brown Sugar.

Courtesy of

I was honestly ready to order the whole collection until they ran out. It’s finally back in stock, but looking at the online images excites me more than the palette I physically have. I now take it as a sign that I didn’t need the full Disney Designer package. The eyeshadow was just enough to satisfy my nostalgia, leaving my monies for the next thing.

Thanks for reading!

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Chanee L.

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