I have a confession…

It’s not much of a secret that I have an obsession with makeup. For me it’s so much deeper than blowing money on lipstick and eyeshadow. Makeup allows me to be who I am and express myself in a way I can’t with words. I won’t speak for anyone else, but makeup gives me the confidence to be the amazing woman that I know I am. It gives me the strength to face the world day in and day out.

The past few months have pushed me to an emotional edge. There were, and still are, many days when I just don’t want to get out of the bed and face the world. Some days the drama and chaos is just too much. Other days work doesn’t provide the distraction or creative outlet I need. Sometimes the only thing I have to look forward to is a new lip color or foundation to try.

If you look good, you feel good

Courtesy Google Image Search

I’m a firm believer in this saying and so far it’s worked for me. On those days when I really don’t want to, I get cute and push through. After a morning cup of coffee and a few “Good morning” greetings, I start to feel better. Maybe even snap a selfie on a really good day.

As a black woman in a corporate environment, I don’t always feel safe to say what I feel or be completely myself. I’m naturally a quiet person so it’s easy to let my appearance speak for me. The trick is creating the right appearance and sending the right message.

With makeup I can create the vibe I want for the day. Maybe it’s the same as yesterday or maybe it’s completely different. It may not seem like much but pairing the right colors, products and technique allows me to express the mood I’m in, or hope to be in. I can hide not only my physical imperfections like discoloration and under eye bags, but also my feelings. When I put on that red Lip Stunna Paint or wing my liner, it shows the world that I care about my appearance and I demand respect. I can use lipsticks to say anything from “Hello” to “I’m not the one”.

When I was a front desk manager, my makeup made all the difference. If I took time to put on makeup people would notice. It may have been in my mind, but I truly felt people paid more attention to what my appearance said than my actual words. If my makeup was flawless or I had a bold lip color on, I was taken seriously. No makeup days I got absolutely no respect from guests or colleagues. Needless to say, I put on makeup every day for work since then. It definitely brought unwanted attention but as long as they heard what I said, I’m fine with it.

Once I really started to get into wearing makeup and viewing tutorials, I was hooked! Have you seen some of the looks created for Halloween? It’s remarkable what people come up with. Its truly an art form and I consider myself a student. I admire that skill and hope to be on that level one day.

Here’s to the journey ✌🏾

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