I’m Stepping Outside of My Comfort Zone…

I am now a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant! This is something I have tossed and turned on for about a year. My grandmother sells it, my mother sold it, but I was not convinced at the time that it was for me as well.

Mary Kay is a brand most people are already familiar with. When people hear “Mary Kay”, they think old ladies, pink Cadillacs and facial parties at peoples’ homes. Even I used to think of it as my grandmother’s choice for makeup and skincare. I am by no means anyone’s grandmother so what made me do it? Well, I’ll tell you if you keep on reading.

Makeup is makeup

I have already expressed my interests in experimenting with different brands and products, and Mary Kay is no different. They still offer their old school products like TimeWise and Satin Hands, but their makeup line has expanded to keep up with the times.

Two such products that caught my attention are the new Mary Kay® Liquid Eye Shadow and the limited edition Illuminating Bronzer. As part of the Spring 2020 Collection, the Liquid Eye shadow comes in four glimmering shades and bronzer in two glowing colors. I found both to be eye catching and modern which was honestly unexpected. It had me reconsidering the other products offered by Mary Kay. I will however be reviewing both items soon!

Liquid Eye Shadows from left to right: Light Beam, Meteor Shower, Pink Starlight, Purple Nova.
Illuminating Bronzer: Copper Glow and Gilded Glow

This economy

I can’t speak for everyone but this pandemic has hit me hard financially. I have been on furlough since the first week of April and it sucks. I’m thankful to still have health benefits but bills need to be paid! Mary Kay offers me that flexibility and independence to run my own small business the way I want.

While I hope to go back to my old job one day this fall, it is not guaranteed the way I would like it to be. So why not explore other options, especially since my family is expanding and people are counting on me. At the end of the day having a backup plan and a backup to the backup plan is smart.

Surprise- I’m preggo! Baby boy will be here soon 💙

Dare to be different

When I was considering joining the company, I spent several weeks researching the company, brand perception and social media presence. While all are visible and generally positive, I want more from the social media perspective! Where are the influencers and product buzz over new releases?

I personally do not like to purchase products until someone I know or trust has used and demonstrated them. As I mentioned, money is tight for myself and many people now and it should be spent wisely. So I thought to myself, why can’t I be that person to my friends, family and followers? That’s when I made the decision to put myself out there and give it a try.

So there you have it. It’s a new opportunity that I’m going to make the most of. As I order and use products I will definitely be back to share.


Chaneé L.

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