Limited Edition Items to Snag This Summer

Spring is quickly coming to an end as the summer and hot weather rapidly approaches. That means it’s time to fresh up your makeup game for the season! After finding a beautiful lightweight CC Cream for summer, I needed some other items to complete the look.

I found just that with these three summertime fly products: Mary May Illuminating Bronzer, Intuitive pH Balanced Lip Balm and Lash Love Fanorama mascara.

Mary Kay Illuminating Bronzer in Copper Glow and Gilded Glow in Limited Edition Beauty Unearthed Mary Kay Perfect Palette (sold separately)

Illuminating Bronzer

I mentioned this eye catcher in my previous post but after a few uses I wanted to rave about it further. It’s just so pretty to look at. The marbling of the two bronzer-highlighter colors is stunning enough to persuade any makeup enthusiast. Sadly, Mary Kay released just these two colors, Gilded Glow and Copper Glow for Spring 2020. While they look amazing, I do question how many skin tones it will actually bronze and add warmth to.

Top image: Gilded Glow, Coco Naughty, Copper Glow

I tried the darker color Cooper Glow first with fingers crossed. I desperately wanted it to work but it was much too light to bronze my skin. I swatched both Copper Glow and Gilded Glow on the back of my hand and compared it to Sun Stalk’r Instant Warmth Bronzer in Coco Naughty. Looking at all three together, only one felt like a bronzer.

In the swatch pictured above, Gilded Glow (left) makes a nice white gold highlighter and Copper Glow (right) a warmer bronzed highlighter. Compared to the Mary Kay swatches and models, there is a lot more highlighter marbled in my swatch than theirs. While I love Copper Glow and use it regularly, my only criticism is the name. This is a highlighter, not a bronzer! I guess the word “illuminating” should have been my hint.

So far I found these colors work best for me when I paired it with Coco Naughty as the bronzer and Copper Glow as a highlighter for a stunning effect. I use Gilded Glow on days I really want to shine.

Intuitive pH Lip Balm

Intuitive pH Lip Balm in Pink

As much as I enjoy color and lipstick, there is really no point to wear it under a mask. However, that does not mean the lips have to go completely naked. To upgrade from the usual Vaseline tube, I gave this lip balm a try.

It’s a lip balm so the product goes on silky smooth with a shine. My lips feel moisturized and cared for. Doesn’t sound too exciting right? Wrong!

Once applied to the lips, the balm reacts to your pH for a color unique to you. On me this color turned an unexpected hot pink and I loved it! Call me a nerd, but I love gimicky products like this. Not only is the color spot on for summer, it’s backed by a great cause.

With every purchase of the Mary Kay Intuitive pH Lip Balm, Mark Kay will donate $1 to The Mary Kay Foundation to support groundbreaking cancer research and efforts to end domestic violence against women in the United States. This promotion runs from April 26 to August 15, 2020. If you’re interested in purchasing the balm to support a worthy cause, follow the link below or shoot me a message!

Lash Love Fanorama Mascara

Now this is a product I have in my inventory but honestly have not actually used yet. There are however a number of rave reviews out there. The first being regular Mary Kay customers as this item sells out quick!

Lash Love Fanorama in I ♥ black

Recently, Essence magazine released the top seven mascaras you won’t want to take off. The Lash Love Fanorama placed third on the list behind Marc Jacobs and Anastasia Beverly Hills, followed by some other popular brands. People are loving the soft silicone bristles that make it perfect for those with sensitive eyes.

Once I get through my Lash Intensity mascara, I will definitely give this one a try and chime in on the hype.

Links to purchase these products:

Mary Kay Illuminating Bronzer in Gilded Glow or Copper Glow:

Limited Edition Mary Kay Beauty Unearthed Perfect Palette:

Intuitive pH Balanced Lip Balm:

Lash Love Fanorama Mascara:–black-990273318

Thanks for reading!


Chanee L.

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