Review: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation


I’m back again with another foundation review. Continuing my trend, I wanted to try my first ever drugstore foundation. I struggled with which to try for quite some time. The most challenging and daunting part for me was figuring out which shade would match.

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Color matching in Target

For every foundation I own, I either had someone color match me or I played around in Sephora until I found the right one. You obviously can’t do that in Target. So I did what I do best, I went on YouTube and did some research. As I said in my last post about drugstore makeup, I watched one of my favorite beauty gurus Jackie Aina and her review of the foundation before going to the store. When trying to find my shade for the NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation, that’s when I discovered Jackie and I wore the same shade!

Thankfully when I saw her review on the Fit Me foundation and 40 different shades, I assumed that we might wear the same shade in this product too. Turns out I was right! That’s when it really clicked. With the amount of beauty bloggers out there, why not find someone that matches your complexion and skin type? Otherwise, I don’t think I would have had the confidence to pick a random foundation and hope it works out. Everyone doesn’t have the money for that so relying on reviews and beauty bloggers is really key with drugstore products.

Still, when I went into Target, I looked at the different options and I was personally impressed. I never thought a drugstore brand like Maybelline would have such a shade range. I was torn between 355 Coconut and 340 Cappuccino but I ended up choosing the shade that looked most like my other liquid foundations. The great thing about the packaging is you can clearly see the color. So other than assuming I matched Jackie, I used all the research I’d done and I felt Coconut was the best fit.

First Impression

In my neck of the woods, we had a mid-week snow day and my office was closed, so this gave me the perfect chance to try out the foundation without committing to a full day out of the house with it. Once I opened the bottle my initial reaction was confusion. Where was the pump?! I couldn’t believe the foundation was sold this way. I had to use extreme caution when pouring. Not to mention, I typically don’t like using my hands to apply foundation because it can get messy.

Once I got over the poor packaging and actually applied it, the color match wasn’t half bad. I think the color is slightly too dark but it could be a great summer shade once I get some sun. The actual formula was more on the watery side compared to my Natural Radiant Longwear from NARS or even Fenty.

When the foundation dried down, it DRIED. You definitely can’t dispute the matte claims. I wore it for about 5 hours and there wasn’t the slightest indication of shine or oil. Actually, the foundation seemed too matte that first time around. As for the poreless claim, I’m not too sure about that. The coverage was good but I wouldn’t say I felt “poreless”.

The next few times I wore the foundation, I didn’t have the same drying experience. It felt much more breathable and lightweight. Guess my skin had to adjust to it the first time. I really forgot I was wearing makeup which is a good sign for me. There’s nothing worse than feeling the layers on top of layers caked on your face.

Purchase or pass?

Overall, the Fit Me formula wasn’t bad at all. I found the coverage to be medium and can be built to a full coverage. After a few days of wearing the foundation I would definitely purchase it again. I didn’t notice any real issues with my skin, the coverage was good and the shade matched my complexion fairly well. I wouldn’t say this is a longwear foundation, but the oil stayed at bay until about hour 6 or 7. Otherwise, I really can’t complain about my first experience with a drugstore brand.

The biggest downfall with this product is the missing pump. It just seems like I’m wasting product and can’t really control the amount of product I’m pouring. But for the bargain deal of $5.99 for 1 oz, I wouldn’t complain about the product I may waste here and there.

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to drop a comment or two ✌🏾

Foundation in Maybelline Fit Me 355 Coconut; lipstick in Fenty Mattemoiselle Freckled Fiesta


Chaneé L.

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